Daytime Revenue. Enriching Programming. Confident Kids.  


Are you a dance studio owner looking to add daytime revenue when your studio isn’t busy? Would you love an already-designed program that you can just plug and play, which attracts new families to your studio?


Let’s face it. Last year hit dance studios hard. Many had to pivot to online dance classes, and now it's time to make up for lost revenue. 


Hi, I’m Cara Poppitt 


As a dance studio owner and the mom of three young children, I know all too well the journey you’re on. You’re overseeing dance schedules, curriculum, teacher coordination, parents' concerns and more. You are the one ultimately responsible for keeping the lights on and thriving. It rests on your shoulders and some days, that can feel overwhelming! The last thing you have time for is to create a new program. 


If you are eager to add a high-quality, done-for-you revenue source, I’m thrilled to introduce Studio Fine Arts Club™ -- now in over 100 studios worldwide!


Studio Fine Arts Club™


A fun and active program for preschool-aged children focusing on enriched play that builds confidence, creativity and happy kids.

The Studio Fine Arts Club™ is the industry gold standard for offering a Fine Arts Club. It’s been designed by early childhood experts focusing on physical literacy, mindfulness and fun. Children play, move, create and grow. 


Students will enjoy dance, yoga, fitness, music, art, and drama all in one 2-hr class that is offered during the daytime -- when your studio usually sits empty.

You, as the studio owner, are up and running quickly and recouping your investment in just a

month or two -- with consistent profit month after month. 


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Children love it as they play, move, create and grow. Parents are thrilled with the enriched program that builds skills for life. Studio owners love it as it's easy to use, saves time and generates revenue. 



"This is a step-by-step system to make daytime revenue in my dance studio. Everything was laid out for me and well organized. I was overwhelmed thinking about doing it myself, and the Fine Arts Club made it happen quickly and the systems are so easy to follow. " Courtney Sproule, Snap Dance Studios

"The Fine Arts Curriculum has been a wonderful addition to our program. It is " plug and play" and for a busy studio owner that is key! The themes are fun and creative and the students love them! If you're on the fence about the Fine Arts Club, don't wait, it's 100% worth it". Loren Specht, LoMastro Performing Arts Academy

"The Fine Arts Club is a fantastic program for any studio owners who are trying to navigate through this difficult time. All of the systems, ideas, and information is laid out for you. You can get your program up and running in less than a month. this is a great way to supplement your income without adding any stress." 
Angela Mannella, Moore Than Dance 

2-3 yrs