If you’re a studio owner who wants to gain new students, increase revenue and maximize idle studio space, the Studio Fine Arts Club™ program is for you!
We've laid it all out to show you how easy it can be.

Done-For-You Programming
The Fine Arts Club is a diverse, all-inclusive program for children ages 2-5 years. Its fun and active curriculum allows children to develop social skills and talents at a young age. Children will participate in dance, yoga and fitness classes while enjoying music, art and drama. The program enhances motor skills, social awareness, cognitive abilities and builds strong and confident children.
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Most studio owners tell us they’ve wanted to do a program like this for YEARS, but never had the time or energy. That’s why we designed everything for you.
When you invest in the Studio Fine Art Club™, you receive our complete, proven System, Strategy, and Syllabus which has everything you need to hire for, market, launch and deliver a quality program that kids, parents and teachers love! You receive a new syllabus each month for 3 years, which keeps things fresh and fun for all.
PreSchool Fine Arts Club Introduction CP
PreSchool Fine Arts Club Introduction CP
PreSchool Fine Arts Club Introduction CP
There is nothing else on the market that combines dance, yoga, fitness, music, art, and drama for preschool-aged children and that has been designed by early childhood specialists and experts in the field of fine arts. This is truly a gold standard in the industry, and now we are expanding the curriculum for children aged 6-9 years old.
We’ve made it simple for you to save time as you
generate daytime income with ease and peace of mind.
By saving you 500 hours of work, this is your opportunity to grow!
Investing in the Fine Arts Club™ can bring you immediate revenue and fuels longer term growth of your studio -- since many of these children, including young boys, become dancers for years to come.
Your investment includes an initial payment and a recurring monthly subscription.

The initial payment allows you to get up and running quickly with our well-rounded program. It includes everything you need from hiring, training, implementing, support and 3 years of easy-to-use lesson plans including craft lists, music playlists and more. 


The monthly subscription is for usage of the materials for as long as you are a Certified Fine Arts Club provider.

Here’s what’s included in this comprehensive, done-for-you program:
  • About Package $ User Guide
  • Teacher System Manual
  • Studio Strategy
  • Ste-Up Guide
  • Purchasing & Craft List
  • Note to the Director
  • Note to the Teacher
  • Scheduling Tips
  • Marketing Ideas
  • FAQ
  • Colouring Sheets
  • Personal Profile
  • Promotional Posters
  • Customizable Parent Handbook
  • Ready-Made Ads & Program Description
  • Video Tips for Success
  • Postcard Promotions
  • Monthly Video Tips
  • Marketing Guide
  • Videos for Yoga & Fitness
  • Teacher Training Video
  • Printable Educational Resources
  • Job Posting
  • Interview Tips
  • Demo Shift Outline
  • Report Templates
  • Storybook Gift for Students 
  • Welcome Orientation Book Script
  • Parent Notes
  • Sample Newsletters
"The Fine Arts Club™ is a well-thought-out and comprehensive program for preschool-aged children. It is organized to make starting the program in your studio easy. We were able to get the ball rolling in 30 days and offered 3 classes to start. The cost is minimal to the value this program will bring to your studio and your family."
Darby Pack, The Maryland Academy of Dance
Teacher Certification

To ensure the integrity and quality of the Fine Arts Club worldwide, we will set you up for success by certifying your instructors. 

Based on the latest in early child development research and best practices, the Fine Arts Club International Teacher Certification program provides Fine Arts Club teachers and preschool dance teachers with early childhood development fundamentals, program tools and resources, and innovative strategies that foster positive behavior.

Our Level 1 Certification includes 10 Training Modules focusing on:
  • The Power of Connection

  • Leadership & Understanding your Strengths

  • Early Childhood Fundamentals

  • Growth & Development

  • Early Child Learning Styles

  • The Power of Play

  • Setting up your Program for Success

  • Supporting Children with Various Needs & Abilities

  • Fostering Positive Behavior

  • Teaching Block Overview

​Teaching all Components with Confidence


All instructors for the Fine Art Club are required to have this Level 1 Certification or another early childhood development certification.  

Education Experts

​Our team of Expert Educators have been hand-selected to bring the best minds and expertise to the Studio Fine Arts Club. Learning how to communicate, connect and inspire students in a fun environment is the best gift you can give your teachers.