January Teaching Tips

Updated: Jan 15

Want to learn easy tips on how to keep your little ones engaged and having fun? Welcome to our new Teaching Tips segment where we will share some simple teaching tips, fun facts and reminders each month that will help your teachers thrive. Keep on inspiring children and know you are making a significant impact!

3 teaching tips for preschool aged children:

Tip 1: There are three types of learning styles - auditory (hear), visual (see), and kinaesthetic (do/move). Reach all students by teaching to all learning styles.

Using verbal and visual cues can help their recall skills from lesson to lesson.

Tip 2: Children thrive off of repetition and routine and love predictability, as this helps them feel safe. Remind students what's coming next so they can start to learn the structure of the classes and build confidence.

Tip 3: Repeating instructions more than once will help children develop their listening skills. Ask them questions after you have told them what to do to help them learn. Remember to teach with auditory, visual, and kinaesthetic prompts.

Fun Fact:

Children's personalities and brains develop in these early years as 85% of the brains wiring happens between birth and age 5.


Remember to celebrate the small wins, as every win can increase a child's confidence.

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