March Teaching Tips

Welcome to the 3rd edition of our Teaching Tips segment where we will share some simple teaching tips, fun facts and reminders each month that will help your teachers thrive. Keep on inspiring children and creating confident kids!

3 Tips Preschool-Aged Children:

Tip 1: Play and Playfulness

Incorporate play into your classes with imagination and fun. Bringing in playful energy will do wonders for your classes and allow you to enjoy the process.

Tip 2: Avoiding Non-Effective Communication

In order to avoid non-effective communication, you need to make sure to fully pay attention to others and their concerns when listening. It is important to avoid judging the other person, using technical language, or giving unwanted solutions or advice. By teaching active listening skills, you are building confidence outside the program.

Tip 2: Catering to Visual Learners

Visual learners will learn more effectively if you use photos and visual aids to support instruction. Place them at the front of the class, and focus on making eye contact while using positive body language during your teaching.

Tip 3: Getting to Know Caregivers

It is important to get to know each child’s caregiver as they can provide you valuable insight on what the child may need in class so that you can support them and help them reach their full potential in their program.

Fun Fact:

55% of communication is shared by body language, eye contact, and posture.


Enter the room with calm and playful energy. By doing this you will experience a playful state and positive energy in your class. Bring your best to expect the best. You got this.

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