The Fine Arts Club is now in over 66 studios worldwide. Will yours be next?

We understand it's a big decision to invest in your studio. To help you see the potential, here are studio owners -- just like you --  who are loving both the ease of implementing this program and their RESULTS!

“We are so excited and ready to launch our first 12-week single and multi-day Fine Arts Club classes on Tutu day (2/2)!!!! We built waiting lists in December, hosted Free Demo Days in January, and have 10 paid-in-full students as a new start. (Priced starting at $420). One more demo day today should bring in additional revenue of 5k this month alone. 


Thank you for the abundance of resources, support, and done-for-you curriculum guides, playlists, and marketing helps! In the middle of the COVID madness in our state, this was exactly what our mamas and their sweet babies needed to have for healthy and happy minds and bodies! 

The value is truly in the integrity of her program! I highly recommend Cara’s Fine Arts Club for ease of use, additional revenue boosts, and more employment hours for your teachers, one more way to feed your dance program, and a deeply needed way to serve your community's needs. Arts are essential, and it starts with us.” 


Julie McFarland, Academy of Dance Arts

"The Fine Arts Curriculum has been a wonderful addition to our program. It is " plug and play" and for a busy studio owner that is key! The themes are fun and creative and the students love them! If you're on the fence about the Fine Arts Club, don't wait, it's 100% worth it."


Loren Specht, LoMastro Performing Arts Academy

"The Fine Arts Club is a fantastic program for any studio owners who are trying to navigate through this difficult time. All of the systems, ideas, and information is laid out for you. You can get your program up and running in less than a month. this is a great way to supplement your income without adding any stress." 


Angela Mannella, Moore Than Dance

"We launched Fine Arts Club this fall and it has been absolutely amazing! We extended Cara’s program into a two-day or three-day option for parents that meets for three hours each day for both Pre-K and K-5th grade. One of my classes brings in $2100 of revenue, with a $1300 profit. This has been a huge benefit to our studio and has brought extra value to our existing families during this stressful time. Cara’s Fine Arts Club is so thorough my Fine Arts club teachers have been able to use the syllabus and supporting materials to deliver excellent classes without my help. These teachers are not even dancing teachers you guys, they are just great teachers. So if you have been thinking about it I say go for it!


Hannah Taylor-Kormondy, South Sound Dance LLC

"We’re halfway through our first 12-week session using FAC curriculum and it’s going so well! We just had two more kiddos sign up last Saturday! My favorite thing about it is that I just hand it over to my staff and give them the videos to watch each month... they have everything they need to move along with the program. I spent a few hours going over the program and figuring it out myself, and then going over the expectations with my staff and looking back it was easier than I anticipated. We’re charging $499 for 12 weeks, with an offer for the first 6 kids to save $80, and that has worked really well.

The upfront help and support from Cara and her team were above and beyond what I thought I’d be getting with this program. The kids are excited and the parents are happy and everything is running so smoothly with our covid protocols and the covid ideas that Cara shares in the program. We have more boys signing up for this program and our other dance classes simply from parents seeing more images of boys at our studio on our FB and IG. I’m planning to add another class in the new year! I’m so glad I didn’t try to create my own curriculum... because it would have taken my time away from attracting students and growing my studio. Huge thank you to Cara!!!!!"


Devon Stone, Collingwood School of Dance

"I invested in the program back in August and although we are doing our studio launch for January (and have a waiting list going), I leveraged some FB moms groups and we are actually doing the program at a home for a private pod of 4 children twice a week. It’s already paid for the initial investment in the program and they are looking to now move in the studio because of how comfortable they are with the added safety measures. Highly recommend the program. It’s so well thought out and easy to implement."

Tanya Neary, Stars of Tomorrow Dance Academy

"I love this program! It’s all laid out with everything you need to get started and grow. Our families love the educational component and I love the extra income."

Angela Mannella-Hoffman, Moore Than Dance LLC

"Cara’s program is organized, easy to implement and we are so excited to start our 1st session in January. I had wanted to expand our offerings for preschool ages for 2 years now, but could never find the time to get organized to create it and this program has exactly what I needed. Thank you Cara for sharing this with all of us. If you are on the fence about whether or not to invest...go for it. This is a perfect way to rebuild those younger age groups right now and offer something new to your studio families."

Meghan Reyes, Fusion Dance Project

"We are adding a studio so we can add more Fine Arts Club classes! We love the program! Such a great syllabus and it’s all done for you! Do it people do it! Also, Cara is so helpful and amazing of course!"

Sophie Conolly, Centre Pointe Dance Studio

"In only 7 days I purchased Studio Fine Arts Club program, had my own logo and website done, Facebook ads up, teachers trained, and launch ready to go! The system and strategy are seriously foolproof! I highly recommend it for anyone who is looking to add a new revenue stream to their studio and utilize their space during the day. As soon as our government lets us back in, I am ready to start making up for the lost $$$ with this program."

Stephanie Staniforth, Elements Dance Co Inc.

"I am so happy with Cara’s Fine Arts Club. It has been so easy to implement and we are so excited to launch in January and have a new revenue stream! We recently had a logo made and some photos done to match our brand for marketing purposes and just love it! Highly recommend her Fine Arts Club product."

Amanda Hunsley, Prestige Dance Academy

"Cara's licensed Fine Arts Club system! Using my mandatory lockdown time to read and watch everything included, and research and find the teachers and supplies. Every step of Cara's done-for-you program has me excited to see kids in the "classroom" ASAP, and Cara has been able to beautifully answer every crazy question I've had."

Murphy Rowan, Dance Attack

"Another HUGE plug for the Fine Arts Club! I wanted to implement this program from the moment she presented last year at the NYC retreat. I was so excited about the prospects of having something completely outside the box for our littles, and give them the opportunity to grow through the arts with our studio. We decided to launch the program this fall since SO many parents are looking for options for their young children while their big children are logging in for school. We started with one day per week and the parents asked for a second day! Our program is not huge, but it will grow. Our predominant age is 2, so that gives them 2 more years to be a part of the program! In lieu of a craft the second day, we zoom in a sign language instructor for a short lesson! We teach them the songs of the month and lots and lots of manners. We give them a newsletter each week and give them questions to ask their little: "ask your kiddo about the obstacle course" or "ask your child how to say please in sign language", which gives them the opportunity to open a conversation about their day and see the enthusiasm in their faces! We started small, but we are growing the program and just registered another student for the 2-day program, with only a few weeks left in the is THAT good!!!!"

Ronda Brinkman, Springfield Dance

"Fine Arts Club here is an update of how it has been going. Big opening day for us!!! I thought I would share how we set things up in the studio to see if it could help anyone and for anyone worried to get it going and afraid they don’t have enough time. I purchased the program from Cara mid August thinking that I would launch it in January. After a quick chat with her she got me pumped up to just go for it and I am so glad I did. We are running two classes a week and they are both full!!! It was a lot of work and then I would say not a lot of work. Sure there were set up things but it is so well laid out that when it came to actually getting a teacher ready to run the class it was an afternoon meeting and she was ready to go. We ordered balloons and made our first day an enormous deal!"

Nadine Pilsner-Selinger, Dance City Inc. 

"Fine Arts Club! I have been wanting to add something like this for a long time, but it just kept ending up on the someday list...but with Cara's program, it's literally ALL DONE for you!!! I love all of excited to share with my community!"

Kelli Leighton, Leighton Dance Project

"A special thanks to Cara for her awesome info on the Fine Arts Club for Ages 2 - 5 and making it an attainable reality for all studios. Her level of clarity and organization is so impressive. I also very much appreciate that the Fine Arts Club program is designed so that we - the studio owners - will not end up with more on our plates. The program empowers, equips, and informs the teachers to be excellent through the program guidelines, training, and provided curriculum. This makes it all doable, and even more than that is aiming towards great success. I encourage everyone to check it out. It's all really there to turn a revenue stream idea quickly into reality."

Annie Leese Thistle, Performing Arts Academy of Marin

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